About us

Our Misson

To encourage the finance leader community to achieve your full potential by sharing

knowledge and experience.


Our mission started several years ago during a focus group with ambitious finance leaders. We listened carefully to the following challenges that nobody was dedicated towards solving:

Becoming a CFO requires you to learn many new skills that take a long time to master;

  • People feel overwhelmed with tasks and are battling problems already solved by others; and
  • CFOs often feel lonely at the top and would benefit from a strong collaborative peer group.

The message was clear: finance leaders require easy access to the combined knowledge and experience of the CFO community. We needed to build an independent organisation fully dedicated towards helping ambitious finance leaders to achieve your full potential.

During the past few years, we have been busy creating offerings designed by your finance leader community and led by inspirational CFOs, including:

  • Peer group development programmes and private mentoring for aspiring or first-time CFOs;
  • A huge library of online training lessons covering your CFO competency framework; and
  • Collaborative events, forums and podcasts across an important range of relevant topics.
    Everything we do is designed to support you in the most time-efficient manner and to help you give back to the next generation.
  • And now a jobs board dedicated to finance professionals

We hope that our mission inspires you to join our cause and to enjoy the benefits of collaborating with such a wonderful community.

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