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  • Jul 10, 2024
Permanent Location: Office Role: Finance Manager

Job Description

Job Title: Finance Manager Department: Finance Team Reporting to: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Company Overview: At Smart, we support the world's smartest companies in maintaining their facilities to the highest standards through a customer-centric approach. Over the past decade, we've provided top-quality engineering services to leading data centres and commercial facilities. Our company prioritizes people, recognizing them as our most crucial investment. Smart is driven by integrity, passion, and empowerment. Overall Purpose of the Job: As the right-hand person to the CFO, you will ensure financial control and governance for Smart accounting, balance sheets, cash flow, and KPIs. Responsibilities include setting up banking needs, overseeing VAT, payroll, taxes, pensions, and supplier payments, supporting finance system upgrades, and managing eQue2 and SAGE50. You will also handle management accounts, audits, statutory accounts, and various financial reports. Key Responsibilities: Financial Control: * Ensure adherence to company policies and procedures. * Maintain and improve billing, debt, work-in-progress, and ledger postings. * Address financial weaknesses and develop benchmarking processes. * Prepare for audits and manage balance sheet reconciliations. * Oversee statutory accounts, management accounts, KPIs, VAT returns, budgetary control, and reporting. * Manage bank payments and recommend changes for optimal working conditions. Financial Reporting and Analysis: * Prepare and analyze financial reports. * Evaluate labour rates and their impact on profitability. * Analyze variances to budget, identify trends, and drive profit margins. * Report financial discrepancies to the CFO and board. Billing and KPI Management: * Monitor billing accuracy and speed. * Develop and monitor KPIs for good cash flow and profitability. Forecasting and Budgeting: * Prepare profit and loss reports, balance sheets, cash flows, and forecasts. * Support rolling forecasts and financial planning. Account Reconciliation and Maintenance: * Analyze debt reports and maintain financial records. * Attend business unit reviews for cash forecasts and risk assessments. Data Visualisation and Reporting: * Utilize Power BI for data visualization and reporting. * Contribute to system upgrade projects. Other: * Oversee financial projects from conception to implementation. * Support various teams with financial input. * Provide financial leadership and drive performance standards. Requirements and Skills: * Analytical mindset with strong financial data understanding. * Proficient in MS Office and Power BI. * CCAB qualified with relevant post-qualification experience. * Excellent planning, organizational, and team interaction skills. * Experience in M&E or facilities management is advantageous In order to view more information on this job press the APPLY NOW button below and it will take you to the source website

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